Camera Obscura 2005/1-∞

is a worldwide project in which two holes of a twin-holed pinhole camera are being auctioned simultaneously on Ebay every week. This project is dedicated to the polish artist Roman Opalka and his work 1965/1-∞. The highest bidders in each case receive one after the other a pinhole camera loaded with a piece of unexposed sheet of 5×7 Inch b/w film. They punch a hole with the enclosed needle and expose their own photograph in turn. Because of the minimal distance between the two holes the two photos overlap partly, so that a joint picture emerges, created by two people in different parts of the world. In the course of time a sort of photographic global puzzle will emerge – one continuous series of parallel exposures. At a later date the cameras will be displayed together with the parallel exposures in a permanent exhibition in the Galerie Merid in Stuttgart. They will also be published on this Internet site.

Przemek Zajfert, Burkhard Walter, February 2005

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camera obscura 2005/1-inf

You can participate in the project here.

camera obscura 2005/1-inf

The camera

Light-proof cardboard, painted black on the inside with affixed black/white film. On the front there are two marks where the holes should be made and a serial number of the holes. The needles for punching the holes are provided with the camera.

Technical data

Twin-hole Camera Obscura made from paper, tape and aluminium
Size 147x202x37 mm
Distance between the holes 73 mm
Film format 5×7 inch
focal length approx. 35 mm
(equivalent 35mm camera approx. 15 mm)
Angle approx. 115°
Hole diameter approx. 0,35 mm
Weight approx. 100 gramm


camera obscura 2005/1-inf
camera obscura 2005/1-inf

Pinhole #1 / 15.03.2005
Patrick Brinkschulte / Berlin / GER / Prenzlauer Berg
Pinhole #2  / 15.03.2005
Stanislaw Kulawiak / Ostrzeszow / POL / Papst Paul II. / Trauermesse Warschau

camera obscura 2005/1-inf
camera obscura 2005/1-inf

Pinhole #75  / 27.11.2005
Keith Fyfe / Sydney / AUS

Pinhole #76  / 27.11.2005
Steven Schmiedeskamp / Lincoln / USA

camera obscura 2005/1-inf
camera obscura 2005/1-inf

Pinhole #99 / 19.02.2006
Armando Moneta / Milan / ITA

Pinhole #100 / 19.02.2006
Corinne Costantini / Plerin / FRA
Elle. Le fruit quon fit dans le jardin du monde.