Camera Obscura Heidelberg, Przemek Zajfert, Burkhard Walther

with a foreword by Hilde Domin and Michael Raffel
180 pages (110 photos and 40 historical texts)
Edition Merid, Stuttgart

Camera Obscura Heidelberg

Camera Obscura Stuttgart, Przemek Zajfert

with a foreword by Dr Wolfgang Milov, edition obscura, Stuttgart

Camera Obscura Stuttgart

Camera Obscura Tübingen
Przemek Zajfert, Carsten Kauth, Wolfdietrich Mueller

with a foreword by Walter Jens
Tübingen, 2004, 180 pages, 30x28cm
Imprimatur Publishing House

Camera Obscura Tübingen


Noble artist’s book, photographed with camera obscura technique. In smallest editions of 1-10 pieces. An exclusive company presentation, unique in photographic technique and presentation.

Camera Obscura - Monolithy
Camera Obscura - Monolithy