Light sculpture “The Flying Arrow”

Stuttgart – Harbour, 1996.
Material: Copper, electric motors, light, fabric, film strips

These photographs are enlargements of the Super-8 film I took on Thursday, November 4th, 1993 at 3:25 pm on Schlossplatz in Stuttgart. The prints measure 4×6 cm and were enlarged onto Ilfospeed paper.

Der fliegende Pfeil

In the fall of 1996, I used these images in my light installation titled “The Flying Arrow”.

Level Zero 2: The Flying Carpet

with Klaus Pffafenzeller

Materials: copper, glass, light, film strips, motors, acoustic sensors, projection surface.
Computer programmable synthesizer, photo resistors, loudspeakers, fabric.
Individual objects, each with a projection wheel (a kind of “Laterna Magica”) in a cube of black fabric, open on one side (2m x 2m x2m).
Film strips clamped on rotating projection wheels.
Photo resistors built into the projection surface react to the changing light intensity and control a computer-programmed synthesizer as voltage regulators. The electric motors of projection wheels connected to an acoustic sensor are switched on and off by the sounds.
The images regulate the sounds and the sounds constantly create new image surfaces. The viewer has the possibility to play along by clapping or projecting shadows himself.